Luke Grimes

Property Inspector

Luke is amazing. Gotta love him. =)

The Role of a Home Inspector

Most home-buyers don't have the time or knowledge-base to check every little aspect of a home for problems. Inspecting the systems of your home and laying them out for you in an understandable way is what I specialize in. Our inspections cover every functional aspect of a house; I'll spend time analyzing your home's components so that you don't have to. We have a responsibility to be thorough with our inspections, honest with everyone we work with, and helpful to our clients!​

Professional Highlights

I spent much of my time through highschool and college working in construction. There I was taught the importantce of "getting the job done", regardless of heat, personnel shortages, or whatever other obstacles arose that day. From there I moved into an analytical role with a Home-Builder, where I got to see the business side of Real Estate and Construction.

While still in Highschool, I earned my Private Pilot's License, and with it, a license to fly remote aircraft for commercial use. I began working in aerial photography, mostly for agricultural applications. This was a great experience that I enjoyed from the start and still enjoy today! Being able to achieve a "birds eye view" of buildings, tracts of land, or construction projects is such a powerful tool. 

I joined Love Pensacola Inspections in 2021. Here I've been able to make use of quite a few past experiences, and Stephen's expert mentorship has built my knowledge of houses beyond what I ever knew existed. 

What Drives Me

My personal aspirations are high, as an Inspector, a businessman, and a father. Every person I interact with is a vital part of my journey. I begin every day excited to tackle the challenges and meet new faces. 

Home-buyers are often in a vulnerable position at a crucial juncture of their life; buying a home is a life-altering decision! That's why it's so important for them to have a team they can trust to get them into a home that they love and understand. I love getting to be on that team.  

Why am I a part of Love Pensacola Inspections

Love Pensacola Inspections is a company whose top priority is to help its clients and community. The service that we offer not only helps people get into good homes, but raises the standard on contractors and laborers, who otherwise might get away with a lot more "sub-par" work. We're taught to be overly helpful and unflinchingly honest. Here, I'm able to take an active and rewarding part in the strategic side of the business, and I'm encouraged and rewarded for growing myself as a person and as an inspector.