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A Wind Mitigation Inspection can save you considerably on insurance premiums. It will also make you more aware of how ready your home is against major storms!

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Homeowners often struggle when it comes to finding and understanding the best ways to lower insurance rates, when it applies to their home.

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You shouldn't have to feel frustrated, discouraged, and financially burdened with the continual premium increases to your insurance policies.

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With all of the millions of homeowners in Florida, there should be a straight forward way to acquire great insurance at the best possible rate.

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Insurance providers will request homeowners have an inspection done on their property to determine how protected their home is against storms. The wind mitigation report documents what credits each home has, and these typically result in insurance premium discounts. This inspection is a win-win, often saving homeowners thousands on their insurance premiums!

Wind mitigation is important because it can reduce the risk of damage to a home or building during a severe storm or hurricane, which can result in significant financial losses. Wind mitigation can also help to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life due to a structural failure during a storm.

The benefits of wind mitigation include reducing the risk of damage to a home or building during a severe storm or hurricane, potentially lowering insurance premiums, and increasing the value of a property.

Wind mitigation is typically performed by a licensed and qualified professional, such as a building inspector or engineer. The process involves an inspection of the building's structural elements, such as the roof, walls, windows, and doors, to identify any vulnerabilities that could be strengthened or reinforced.

Some common wind mitigation features include code compliant roofs, reinforced roofs, impact-resistant windows, hurricane shutters, etc.

The savings on insurance premiums can vary depending on the location and structure of the building, as well as the insurance company. However, in some cases, wind mitigation features can result in savings of up to 30% on insurance premiums.

Wind mitigation should be performed whenever significant changes are made to a building's structure, such as a roof replacement or major renovation. Additionally, it is recommended to have wind mitigation inspections done every few years to ensure the building's structural elements remain in good condition.

It is not recommended for homeowners to perform wind mitigation themselves, as it requires specialized knowledge and experience. It is best to hire a licensed and qualified professional to perform a wind mitigation inspection and make any necessary structural improvements.

Nearly everyone! For most homeowners, there is no reason not to get one. Feel free to call and discuss the specifics of your property with one of our inspectors. Some insurance providers seem to not require them. Check with your insurance agent to see if a wind mitigation inspection would help lower your premium.

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