Stephen Swanson

Owner / Inspector

My passion is to inspect our clients homes as though I'm inspecting for my own parents. Love Pensacola Home Inspections seeks to be as thorough as possible, for each client, so that we can give a report of the house that accurately portrays its condition.


Love for God and People
God has endlessly demonstrated His love for us. He has pursued me, saved me, and given me new life to live with Him. I love getting to share Him with others in all areas of life.

Love for Homes and Construction
I have loved homes and construction my entire life for many reasons. Homes are so important for us... They are where we feel loved, safe, and where we connect with those most important to us.
I also love construction. It sounds funny... but I love the smell of wood in new construction. My passion for building and mechanics came from working alongside my grandfather on all kinds of projects (carpentry, building, plumbing, fixing things, etc). 

I have lived in Pensacola for right at 35 years.
I come from a family that has been committed to the growth of Pensacola for 5 generations.

Professional Highlights

I have been trained through InterNACHI and hold a Home Inspectors license in the great state of Florida. My background includes many years of experience in home remodeling and repair. Those experiences in residential construction (and light commercial) give me the knowledge to spot problems with materials, installation and workmanship. I have an eye for detail that results in exemplary reporting. These key qualities, along with my integrity and heart for people, allow me the ability to provide you with the inspection you need.

What Drives Me

Each day, on the job, I see how valuable inspections are... It can be so easy to get emotionally attached and excited about a house. A home inspector is a third party expert who will look over a house and give you valuable insight and information about the home and any potential issues.
For example, knowing the age and condition of a roof can be worth tens of thousands of dollars for a homeowner. 
I have helped thousands of clients have a very good understanding of the condition of their home, before the problems are theirs. Once you own the home, the aluminum wiring or Polybutylene pipes are yours...
I also love helping people know good ways to save money and extend the life or their homes through good maintenance practices and better methods of improvements. 
It is a joy helping clients with their homes.

Every person is important!
Every house matters!
Every inspection counts!


Cinnamon Reed
The Reed Group
KW Real Estate Agent

Stephen Swanson, with Love Pensacola Home Inspections, is one of my most trusted Inspectors. He has rock solid integrity and an eye for detail. I can count on him to give an exceptional inspection on an easy to read report.
He makes himself available when my clients have questions, or want to understand something better.
Easy to schedule and very professional!
I recommend him highly!